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Visit our Butcher Shoppe in Downtown Lombard:
Shannon's Corner Butcher Shoppe
15 S. Park, Lombard, IL
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New Lunch Specials Everyday
Join us Monday thru Friday for lunch specials 11am - 3pm.
Irish Breakfast and other authentic favorites served all day!

Daily Specials!
March 2016
 Join us for your Irish favorites this month!

$5 Smithwicks, Guinness & Harp pints
$5-16oz Drafts all day!
Lite $3-16oz
Wine Wednesday
$5 house wine by the glass
Ladies Night! $6 House Martinis (ask for our selection)
$4.50 Lagunitas bottles & $4 Bacardi mixers
 $4 Baby Guinness shots
$3 Bud/Bud Light bottles

$3.50 Corona/Corona Light

$5 Bloody Marys



How to pour the perfect Guiness!

Step One: The Glass
The bartender takes a dry, clean glass, which should be a 20-ounce tulip pint glass. The internal aerodynamics of a tulip glass allows the nitrogen bubbles to flow down the sides of the glass, and the contour 'bump' in the middle pushes the bubbles back to the center on their way up.

Step Two: The Angle
The glass should be held at a 45-degree angle under the tap. The tap faucet should not touch the tulip glass or beer. If you just hold it straight under the faucet, you'll get a big block of bubbles and a fish eye."

Step Three: The Pour
Let the beer flow nice and smoothly into the angled glass and fill it up three-quarters of the way.

Step Four: The Head
Let it settle. On the way through the faucet, the beer passes through a five-hole disk restrictor plate at a high speed, creating friction and bringing out nitrogen bubbles. The bubbles are agitated now -- they can't go back into the solution, so they flow down the interior sides and back up the middle -- but they can't escape. So they build this wonderful, creamy head on top. It's like an architect building a strong foundation.

Step Five: The Top-Off
Once it settles, you want to fill up the glass and top it off. You allowed it to settle, you created a domed effect across the top of the pint, and now your head is looking proud over the glass. That's the perfect vision of the perfect pint.